n. & v.
1 a the seat of consciousness, thought, volition, and feeling. b attention, concentration (my mind keeps wandering).
2 the intellect; intellectual powers.
3 remembrance, memory (it went out of my mind; I can't call it to mind).
4 one's opinion (we're of the same mind).
5 a way of thinking or feeling (shocking to the Victorian mind).
6 the focus of one's thoughts or desires (put one's mind to it).
7 the state of normal mental functioning (lose one's mind; in one's right mind).
8 a person as embodying mental faculties (a great mind).
1 (usu. with neg. or interrog.) object to (do you mind if I smoke?; I don't mind your being late).
2 a remember; take care to (mind you come on time). b (often foll. by out) take care; be careful.
3 have charge of temporarily (mind the house while I'm away).
4 apply oneself to, concern oneself with (business, affairs, etc.) (I try to mind my own business).
5 give heed to; notice (mind the step; don't mind the expense; mind how you go).
6 US & Ir. be obedient to (mind what your mother says).
Phrases and idioms:
be in two minds be undecided. cast one's mind back think back; recall an earlier time. come into a person's mind be remembered. come to mind (of a thought, idea, etc.) suggest itself. don't mind me iron. do as you please. do you mind! iron. an expression of annoyance. give a person a piece of one's mind scold or reproach a person. have a good (or great or half a) mind to (often as a threat, usu. unfulfilled) feel tempted to (I've a good mind to report you). have (it) in mind intend. have a mind of one's own be capable of independent opinion. have on one's mind be troubled by the thought of. in one's mind's eye in one's imagination or mental view. mind-bending colloq. (esp. of a psychedelic drug) influencing or altering one's state of mind. mind-blowing sl.
1 confusing, shattering.
2 (esp. of drugs etc.) inducing hallucinations. mind-boggling colloq. overwhelming, startling. mind out for guard against, avoid. mind over matter the power of the mind asserted over the physical universe. mind one's Ps & Qs be careful in one's behaviour. mind-read discern the thoughts of (another person). mind-reader a person capable of mind-reading. mind-set habits of mind formed by earlier events. mind the shop have charge of affairs temporarily. mind you an expression used to qualify a previous statement (I found it quite quickly; mind you, it wasn't easy). mind your back (or backs) colloq. an expression to indicate that a person wants to get past.
never mind
1 an expression used to comfort or console.
2 (also never you mind) an expression used to evade a question. open (or close) one's mind to be receptive (or unreceptive) to (changes, new ideas, etc.). put a person in mind of remind a person of. put (or set) a person's mind at rest reassure a person. put a person or thing out of one's mind deliberately forget. read a person's mind discern a person's thoughts. to my mind in my opinion.
Etymology: ME mynd f. OE gemynd f. Gmc

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